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The first was the 1980 W126 S-Class, which was decidedly sleeker, narrower, more aerodynamic and efficient than its rather bulky W116 predecessor. And its amenities were much more to the expectations of American luxury car buyers. But under the skin, it still owed much of its drive train and suspension technology to its predecessor.

The Bricklin SV-1 was remembered for several interesting features: lurid (“safety”) colors , no cigarette lighter (Bricklin was a rabid non-smoker) , and most importantly, the ability to vacuum piles of money from the gullible government of New Brunswick, Canada. With an estimated cost of $16,000 each to build against a selling price of around $5K, Bricklin’s SV-1 was a blast furnace that no amount of subsidy could fully maritime province had sunk over four and a half million taxpayer dollars into the scheme since its beginning, and slow sales (along with numerous engineering problems) cost no small number of politicians their jobs. The New Brunswick government pulled the plug in September of 1975 and the Bricklin was finished.